Creative Emotional Intelligence

Individual sessions, small groups, workshops & retreats


Emotional Intelligence for Personal & Professional Development


Who are these courses for?

  • People who want to practice their English & develop their EI skills at the same time
  • Coaches, therapists & educators who want to work in English. A safe space to practice, experiment & overcome the fear of “getting it wrong”.
  • English-speaking expats & nomads living in the area who want to develop personally & professionally
  • Visitors looking for alternative vacaciones in Barcelona
  • International companies wishing to offer their employees skills training

What formats do we offer?


  • Individual coaching sessions. Packs of between 6 – 10 sessions
  • Group sessions. For groups of friends, colleagues or members of associations or co-working spaces
  • Training courses. Between 10 -100 hour formats at various locations around Barcelona.
  • Workshops. In company & associations. We also offer workshops at the Escola Gestalt de Catalunya – Espailúdic in Lesseps/Gràcia.
  • Retreats & outdoor therapy in masias in Catalunya

What methodology do we use?

  • Emotional Intelligence theory & techniques
  • Gestalt therapy: focus on “here and now”, how we connect & block connection with ourselves & others, the fertile void & more
  • Creativity, Disruption & Design Thinking
  • Coaching
  • CBT, NLP, Counselling
  • Business skills. We recommend that our clients sign up to for materials & assessments

Personal Development

Becoming Emotionally Intelligent

This course is an overview of Emotional Intelligence & how you can improve your skills to become more self-aware, self-controlled, aware of others, better at relationships & more socially skilled. Persuade, influence & empathise.


  • Brains!
  • Self-awareness & Self-regulation
  • Motivation
  • Awareness of others
  • Resilience
  • Influence
  • Conflict resolution
  • Achievement
  • Organisational awareness, teamwork & collaboration

Personality: take a look inside

Learn about your personality & gain self-awareness. Understand how it affects your life, your relationships & the decisions you make. Use this knowledge to help you choose & reach your goals as well as understanding others better.


  • Temperament & character
  • Assessment tools & tests
  • The Big 5, MBTI, Enneagram & more
  • Personality, goals & achievement
  • Manage inner performance
  • How to navigate other people’s traits
  • Track & tune performance
  • Personality & persistance
  • Future focus: get where you want to go


Neither too passive nor too aggressive or out of control. Develop clarity, assert your rights whilst respecting those of others & challenge any old, unhelpful thinking habits. Learn what to say in every situation & become a master of tongue fu!


  • My communication style
  • Passive, aggressive & passive-aggressive behaviours
  • Assertive communication
  • Saying no & saying yes
  • Body talk!
  • Assertive listening
  • Assertive mindset
  • Influence, negotiate, manage conflict
  • Transition & change

Build Confidence

If you don’t feel confident it can be debilitating. Self-doubt can hold us back and make us miss opportunities. Learn how to get past your fears and live with greater personal freedom.


  • Where are you now?
  • Think confidently
  • Manage anxiety
  • Feel confident
  • Take confident action
  • Free yourself from the past
  • Confident beliefs
  • Confident relationships
  • Safety behaviours
  • Set goals
  • Action plan
  • Build a confident future

Overcome Anxiety

Anxiety is familiar to us all as we lead increasingly stressful lives. Some types of stress can’t be avoided &  a bit of stress can be a good thing. What about when it becomes too much? Learn tools to overcome anxiety.


  • What is anxiety?
  • What is CBT & how can it help?
  • Set goals & outcomes
  • How do I experience anxiety?
  • Challenge to change: overcome unhelpful thinking patterns
  • Panic disorder
  • Phobias
  • OCD
  • GAD (Generalised Anxiety Disorder)
  • How others can help
  • Prevent relapses – enjoy life!

Beat Stress, Build Resilience

Use compassion, resilience & confidence to manage the stress of modern living. Discover what your stress triggers are & learn tools & strategies to change your mindset to stay healthy & get the most out of life.


  • How the world is changing & how it affects us
  • Our external & internal words
  • What are stress, resilience & compassion?
  • Take a pulse check
  • Nature v nuture
  • Positive mindset
  • Performance anxiety
  • Facing life events
  • Time management
  • Relationship stress
  • Communicate with courage & compassion
  • Mindfulness & well-being

Be bold! Beat shyness

Do you suffer from social anxiety or as it’s more commonly known, shyness? Do you sometimes just give up and repress feelings of disappointment. Learn how to master your emotional landscape & build the future you really want.


  • Why am I shy?
  • How shy am I?
  • What kind of shy am I?
  • Being shy as a creative adaptation
  • When am I not shy?
  • What triggers it?
  • How to deal with different types of shyness: circumstantial, behavioural, emotional, “rational”.
  • Develop & keep new habits

Happiness Toolkit

Happiness doesn’t just happen. Take a step back & look at what makes you happy or unhappy – memories, beliefs, acceptance or rejection & difficult experiences we face. What is holding you back from being happier & building a brighter future for yourself?


  • What is happiness?
  • My relationship with myself
  • Relationships now & then
  • My inner critic & self-talk
  • Family & friends
  • Possessions and happiness
  • Lifestyles
  • Who do you think you are?
  • Spirituality & the spirit of generosity

Improve your Self-Esteem

Turn your inner Critic into an inner mentor. Do you have a positive opinion of yourself? Does your self-esteem depend on your looks, salary or Instagram likes? Learn practical tools to grow your self-love (& we think that’s a good thing!)


  • Sources of self-esteem
  • Values & beliefs
  • Change & choice
  • There’s no such thing as failure
  • Body language
  • Stay positive
  • Communicate with clarity
  • Be “internally referenced”
  • The drama triangle





En inglés para nativos o profesionales que quieren practicar su inglés. Coaching con un enfoque gestáltico centrado en el aquí y ahora, la responsabilidad, el entorno, la autogestión, cómo nos bloqueamos y cuáles son nuestros puntos ciegos. Hay más información sobre Gestalt en el blog. Puede ayudarte a conseguir tus objetivos de una manera coherente y auténtica.




Dirigido a todos los profesionales, profesionales en transición, departamentos de unas empresas que quieren coger las riendas de su propio desarrollo. Formación en mentalidad creativa, pensamiento lateral, herramientas para definir problemas, generar soluciones, tomar decisiones y como ponerlas en marcha. Aprende a ser más receptivo y aplicar la mentalidad de Design Thinking en tu vida y en empresa. Utilizamos técnicas lúdicas y artísticas, debate, role-play. Imparto cursos con herramientas prácticas de la innovación y comunicación que puedes poner en marcha con tu equipo en tu empresa. Facilitamos talleres comunicativos y vivenciales donde los participantes son los protagonistas.


El coaching y la formación que ofrezco se centran en las siguientes 3 areas:

Tu – Tu Equipo – Tu Negocio


Aprende cómo ser un profesional comprometido. ETumpezamos por con un SWOT poniendo la mirada en tu reputación, tu credibilidad profesional y tu visibilidad dentro y fuera de tu organización. Haremos un pulse check para conocerte mejor. Aprenderás maneras de conocerte mejor y ser más eceptivo. Reflexionaremos sobre tu reputación, tu credibilidad y tu visibilidad. Te ayudaré a diseñar el perfil que quieres tener, experimentar con nuevas maneras de ser y desarrollar un plan para convertirte en el profesional que quieres ser. 1:1 coaching & talleres.


Tu equipoBuena comunicación, escucha activa, receptividad, responsabilidad, colaboración y cambio. Es normal tener conflictos. Cómo los puedes aprovechar de forma creativa? Desarrollando la escucha, la responsabilidad, la colaboración y la confianza. Trabajando la cohesión de tu equipo. Aprendiendo a rendir cuentas y ser coherente. Juntos diseñaremos vuestro futuro definiendo cual queréis que sea vuestra misión, visión y valores. Diseñando experimentos a través de modelos, dinámicas y juegos para nuevos comportamientos y sistemas, para luego crear un plan de acción y convertir vuestras ideas en realidad. Talleres y sesiones de seguimiento.


Jenni Walford 798x798Replantear el problema, generar ideas, experimentar con prototipos, pitch el cambio, desarrollar un plan de acción. Puedes cambiar cualquier aspecto de tu negocio haciendo que sea “a prueba de crisis”. Cómo quieres que sea tu empresa? Qué necesitas cambiar? Juntos identificamos los problemas que enfrentáis, adoptamos una actitud de empatía y receptividad, entrenamos el pensamiento creativo, hacemos actividades de creatividad para generar ideas, proponemos soluciones juntos, creamos prototipos (bocetos, modelos, role-plays en el caso de servicios y comportamientos), desarrollamos un plan de acción y hacemos sesiones de seguimiento para manteneros en el camino elegido, mientras revisamos y mejoramos cuando sea necesario. Talleres y sesiones de seguimiento. Más info…