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Inteligencia Emocional: Tratar con personas enfadadas

Aprende cómo desactivar situaciones de tensión utilizando técnicas de Inteligencia Emocional La ira es un ácido que puede hacer más daño al recipiente en el que se almacena que a cualquier cosa sobre la que se vierte. – Mark Twain, escritor estadounidense....

5 maneras de mejorar tu empatía en el trabajo

La Empatía: Desarrolla habilidades para entender mejor a los demás Juan es un gran contable, pero su don de gente deja mucho que desear. Le falta empatía. No avanzará nunca profesionalmente a menos que haga algo al respecto. Muchos conocemos a personas que han...

In English (more being added in true Gestalt style right here, right now!)

The Benefits of Art-Based Learning

Learning outcomes and benefits: Art is an invitation to have a conversation. It is a powerful catalyst to research  into business issues more deeply, offering the opportunity for artistic reflection and to see situations from new perspectives. Finding shared values...

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Art Activities

Creativity is the difference between ordinary and exceptional Art is an innovative, fun way to work on professional skills, self-awareness, intercultural communication, team building and corporate culture. It is a core component of our Gestalt approach. We create...

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En Català

6 maneres de millorar la teva assertivitat

Treballar AMB la gent, no en contra No sempre és fàcil identificar el comportament assertiu. Això es degut al fet que hi ha una línia molt fina entre l’assertivitat i l’agressió. Algunes definicions són útils quan es tracta de diferenciar entre les dues...


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It is necessary to understand that business innovation represents the seed that will bring about the future of the company. That´s why it´s important to build a creative environment. My vision regarding Innovative teams within companies, in definitive, the artists!, is that they shouldn´t co-exist in the same physical spaces as the rest of the personnel. This would avoid them coming into contact with the stresses and tensions generated in the general running of a company. A lot of the best business ideas are generated outside the usual work place, and even in mental states far removed from the actual business activity of the company.

Ricard Otin

Innovation dept, DigitaliX